Anything you buy will have a carbon footprint. Much of what we buy has travelled the world. So save money by taking time and buying products which are really what you need and will last. It is a simple move and much more satisfying.

Exercise your influence as consumers. Companies will only manufacture products there is a demand for. So the choices you make will really influence what is produced.

Reusable products are preferable to disposable products. Consider how it will be disposed of when you have finished with it.

Check the manufacturers environmental credentials and the efficiency rating of electrical goods.

Surrey does not have a lot of manufacturing. If there are any companies you would like us to add links to let us know.

For interesting websites guides for ethical purchasing see below. If you have any other suggestions use our contact page.

Caterham Repair Cafe Quote: “We hope to reduce landfill, save Caterham residents money and generate income for The St Lawrence’s Community Fund, to help preserve this beautiful ancient Church. Bring broken stuff and make a donation for the repairs or volunteer to help fix things”!

Dorking Repair Cafe Quote: “The Repair Cafe is a free meeting place and it’s all about repairing things (together). We have tools and materials and experts to help you make any repairs you need”.

Farnham Repair Cafe Quote: “Farnham Repair Café is a community workshop focused on the repair of a diverse range of everyday household products. Repair extends the life span, usefulness and importantly reduces our impact on natural resources, thereby making a contribution to longer term sustainability”.

Ethical Consumer This one is subscription only. Quote: “Each day we all make choices according to our personal ethics. Ethical Consumer provides the tools and resources you need to make these choices simple, informed and effective”.

Surrey Environment is a free not for profit site. Any information we give and links to other sites are made in good faith. Please contact us for improvements or revisions. Thank you.

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