Surrey is fortunate with its countryside. There is so much that is being done, and can be done in Surrey to improve our nature and biodiversity. This work is important in reducing pollution and mitigating climate change.

Our gardens are a great place for individuals to contribute if you are lucky enough to have one. ‘Plant a Tree’ and ‘garden to encourage wildlife’ is the advice most often given. Any and all support for our local wildlife and biodiversity is important.

Surrey as a county is giving much thought to our natural environment and should be given encouragement. If you are a group and local organisation, let us know what you are doing. Find out what is being done locally and county wide and join in.


Badger Protection East Surrey Badger Protection Society and West Surrey Badger Group

Blanchman’s Farm Local Nature Reserve Quote: “Blanchman’s Farm Local Nature Reserve is a natural green oasis in the heart of Warlingham village in East Surrey. The Nature Reserve is important as a public open space for people to enjoy and as a haven of different habitats for native plants and animals. There are two summer meadows, a pond, a central wooded area, hazel coppice, a newly planted orchard and horse grazing”. 

Dorking Trees for Life Quote: “Community tree planting campaign group working with schools, local councils, farmers and garden owners to increase the beauty of our local environment, our carbon sequestration capability and ecological resilience in the face of climate destabilisation”.

Dormouse Protection Quote: “The hazel dormouse is one of the most endearing small mammals in Britain, unfortunately it is also a rare and endangered species. Their numbers have dropped by 75% over the last 25 years and they are now protected by law”.

British Wildlife Centre Lingfield, Surrey. Quote: “We are a privately owned organisation and the vast majority of our profits are ploughed back into improving accommodation for animals, breeding programmes, conservation and providing the best experience we can for our visitors. Our aim is to remain a non-commercial, specialist visitor attraction that provides a unique insight into the world of Britain’s wonderful wildlife”

Lingfield Nature Reserves Quote: “The reserves occupy a 26-acre site and are a mixture of meadows, hedges, and woodland copses and also boast a wetland area with a number of ponds and small pools, an orchard, a wildflower meadow and a butterfly garden. The reserves are managed in such a way as to gain maximum benefit for the flora and fauna, with increased biodiversity very much in mind. Only the 2nd village-based reserve in the country to be awarded LNR (Local Nature Reserve) status by English Nature.

Surrey National and Local Nature Reserves Quote: “Surrey benefits from having four national nature reserves located at Chobham, Thursley, Ashtead and South London Downs”. “There are 42 local nature reserves (LNRs) dotted around the county,…”.

Surrey Nature Partnership Quote: “Our strategy is to link a wide variety of organisations and groups in Surrey to form an influential partnership. We will help to make informed decisions about the natural environment by bringing together expertise from all sectors to ensure that decisions take the true costs and benefits of the environment into account”.

Surrey Wildlife Trust A tremendous organisation working for the benefit of nature in Surrey which encourages enjoyment and volunteering. Quote: “Together with our members and volunteers, we work to protect wildlife across Surrey, both on our nature reserves and through our work with others”.

Wildlife Aid Foundation Quote: “All wild animals that come into our Surrey-based wildlife hospital are treated and rehabilitated completely free of charge. Our aim is to return every animal that is capable of surviving, back to its natural environment. We are not species specific and will treat any form of British wildlife”.


Campaign to Protect Rural England – Surrey (CPRE) Quote: “Our aim is to protect, promote and enhance the countryside and natural environment of Surrey.  We work with local communities and their elected representatives to find positive and lasting ways to enable our countryside and nature to thrive – today and for generations to come”.

Rewilding Britain We are not aware of any projects in Surrey, but an interesting group just the same. Quote: “Britain should be teeming with wildlife. Instead many of our wildlife populations – from songbirds to insects and plankton – are collapsing. To repair our planet we must urgently achieve net carbon zero — and natural climate solutions can contribute significantly to this aim. Protecting our living world and our climate are largely one and the same. And rewilding, the large-scale restoration of ecosystems to the point where nature can take care of itself, plays a vital role in both”.

RHS Quote: “It isn’t difficult to encourage wildlife without compromising the way your garden looks. Small changes to your garden can bring major benefits for the creatures that call it home. Some will actually save you time and resources, and all should bring in more wildlife to watch. Remember: gardening for wildlife doesn’t mean leaving an untidy mess of only native plants”.

RSPB Quote: “Whether you have a large country garden or a tiny urban balcony, there are lots of things you can do to give nature a home in your patch, from growing flowers to feeding birds. You’ll find a range of activities in your Welcome wildlife to your garden guide”.

Woodland Trust Quote: “Our vision is a UK rich in native woods and trees, for people and wildlife. We can’t achieve it on our own. We need your help too”.

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