Can I make a difference? Yes. We can all make our voices heard. When one person makes a sustainability orientated decision it influences other people to do so too. Our actions spread awareness, influence employers, organisations and elected representatives.

Join a group, volunteer and be heard by your representatives. It is as useful to them, as it is to you, to engage.

Below are sites which will hopefully be of use and interest.

Surrey Political Representation

Surrey Members of Parliament There are eleven parliamentary constituencies in Surrey. Contact details for each MP and information regarding their advice surgeries can be found via the links under each photograph.

Surrey County Councillors Details for each county councillor can be found by clicking on their picture or name. You can also use the ‘Find my councillor’ link to search for your local councillor by postcode.

Surrey Parish and Town council websites You can use these links for local parish information and for a list of your parish councillors and their contact details.

Surrey Organisations

Dorking Climate Emergency Quote: “Everyone will be affected. Wealth won’t save you. It’s likely your children and grandchildren may not live in the world you are hoping for them. And if we carry on along this path, eventually our earth will become uninhabitable. Don’t let that happen”.

Surrey Nature Partnership Quote: “To facilitate informed decision-making in Surrey in partnership with other like-minded groups to ensure that our natural environment can continue to contribute to the economy, health and well-being of our communities”.

Surrey Wildlife Trust Quote: “By standing up for wildlife and carrying out simple acts for wildlife and the environment at home, work and on the go, we can all do our bit for wildlife”.

Zero Carbon Guildford Quote: “In early 2021 we hope to be launching a space in which the wider community can learn about ecological destruction, the climate crisis, and what links these global threats with the social issues Guildford faces, such as food poverty and air pollution.  We aim to engage Guildfordians from all walks of life in building a community-driven action plan which focuses not just on mitigating the climate crisis, but on how Guildford can adapt and thrive as a community facing the certainty of a changing planet. Zero Carbon Guildford will be platforming solutions and practical guidance to help us all – individuals, businesses, and organisations – work together in a fair and equitable way so that we, as a community, not only pull our weight in the fight against the climate emergency, but lead by example, modelling the local solutions that we can employ to tackle global crises.  We can avoid the worst of the climate crisis. But only if we act soon, act together, and act with the strength of our communities that an emergency calls for”. 


Conservatives View the Conservative 2019 Manifesto. Contact details and other information is also available.

The Conservative Environment Network An independent forum, Parliamentary Caucus, and membership organisation for conservatives who support conservation and decarbonisation.

Labour View the Labour Party Environment 2019 Manifesto. Contact details and other information is also available.

Liberal Democrats To view the Liberal Democrats Environmental 2019 Manifesto. Contact details and other information is also available.

Extinction Rebellion See national site for local groups. Quote: “Extinction Rebellion is an international movement that uses non-violent civil disobedience in an attempt to halt mass extinction and minimise the risk of social collapse”.

Friends of the Earth See national site for local groups. Quote: “We are part of an international community dedicated to protecting the natural world and the wellbeing of everyone in it. We lead campaigns, provide resources and information, and drive real solutions to the environmental problems facing us all”.

Greenpeace See national site for local groups. Quote: “Together we defend the natural world and stand for a green and peaceful future”.

South East Climate Alliance (SECA) Quote: “…a coalition of local environmental, community and faith groups from the South East of England uniting for urgent action on climate change.  It acts as an informal umbrella group and has been set up to share ideas and coordinate action”.

Transition Network See national site for local groups. Quote: “Transition is a movement of communities coming together to reimagine and rebuild our world. Here we explain what it is, why people do it, how the movement started and give you a sense of our underpinning principles and approach…”

Campaign to Protect Rural England – Surrey (CPRE) Quote: “Our aim is to protect, promote and enhance the countryside and natural environment of Surrey.  We work with local communities and their elected representatives to find positive and lasting ways to enable our countryside and nature to thrive – today and for generations to come”.

RSPB Quote: “Nature is in big trouble, but we’ve got big plans to save it. From now until 2030, we’ll be focusing on some ambitious plans and targets – working together with you and our partners to collectively change the fate of nature”.

Rewilding Britain Quote: “Rewilding re-establishes natural processes and allows them to lead the way, free from set outcomes and fixed end points. It encourages the return of threatened and missing species and embraces the ebb and flow of nature, allowing animals, plants, birds and the elements to shape our landscapes and habitats over time”.

Surrey Environment is a free not for profit site. Any information we give and links to other sites are in made good faith. Please contact us for improvements or revisions. Thank you.

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