Energy efficiency is something we can all do and it saves money. Just switch it off, fix the draft and turn the thermostat down one degree. Sometimes it the simple things like waiting until you have a full load for your washing machine and hanging your clothes to dry rather than using a tumble dryer.

Climate change means we need to move away from using fossil fuels. Switching to a green energy provider is the easiest thing to do. Let us know your provider recommendations or see our research in the Spring of 2021 below.

Home energy falls into two main sections, input and output. Investigate energy generation and see if it’s for you. Maybe updating your boiler is all you need to do. Make sure your home does not waste heat and your appliances are energy efficient.

Action Surrey An impartial energy advice service set up by local councils across Surrey as well as Surrey County Council. How to improve your property, get advice and grants.

Dorking Solar Group Quote: “We are a not-for-profit community energy group working towards a more sustainable future”.

Energy Savings Trust Quote: “Energy Saving Trust is an independent organisation – working to address the climate emergency”. “We want to help you save money on your bills at the same time as reducing your carbon footprint. So, whether that involves being more energy efficient, generating your own renewable energy, switching to a green tariff or insulating your home to keep the heat in – we’ve got advice and information to help”.

Simple Energy Advice Independent advice on home energy and grants. Quote: “This site has been developed in conjunction with the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy“.

Surrey Environment research Spring 2021: Firstly it is worth realising that in our experience a home with a gas boiler, which is most of the UK, gas energy used far exceeds that of electricity. Often 80% gas to 20% electricity, check out you own usage. So an energy tariff which the electricity is 100% renewable, but the gas is not doesn’t get us very far. However boiler alternatives to gas are generally out of the reach of most due to cost.

Using EDF Energy tariff of combined non renewable Gas and 100% renewable Electricity as a cost bench mark, we found the following.

There is only one company we found that claims to provide 100% renewable electricity and gas, which is Green Energy UK. The premium to EDF Energy was 32%.

Three other companies stood out with good credentials. Their gas being mainly offset by independently verified carbon neutralising projects with some biogas production. Electric was 100% renewable. The premium to EDF Energy; Good Energy 9%. Ecotricity 51%. Bulb 0%. The energy market is fast moving so we would recommend reviewing at each renewal.

Carbon offsetting projects quoted by some energy providers should be treated with caution. Sustainable energy think tank Regen has complained of ‘loose language and loose marketing’ around green energy tariffs.

So why gas boilers? Primarily as the cost per kWh of electricity is currently far more than gas, approximately by a factor of 4 to 5 times. Other options such as air and ground source heat pumps, solar thermal and biomass boilers are out of the reach of most, on the practical grounds of installation costs.

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