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What Can We Do?

Surrey Environment is a personal resource for all things environmental in Surrey and beyond. From nature to climate change, informing and enabling you. Asking what can we do to improve and enjoy where we live, and by doing so, contribute nationally and globally?

We all inspire and empower each other: We can choose to improve our environment and influence retailers by our purchases. We can also influence and support our representatives.

‘What can I do?’ We all start from a different place and there is a lot of ‘noise’ out there. The challenges can seem outside our control. Think you won’t make a difference? Well you will, individually and together. Just choose a section and make a start.

Check out the site and make small steps that together become big ones. Each section covers a main subject, below is an overview to explain them and we have a ‘Today’s To Do List‘.

  1. Climate Change – There is a lot of advice out there. Most is in general agreement, which these links briefly cover.
  2. Nature – Our gardens are important for biodiversity and Surrey County Council is working hard on our environment with four national nature reserves and forty-two local nature reserves. Surrey Wildlife Trust also has a lot of projects in Surrey.
  3. Transport – The primary area where our individual actions can make a big difference. Car use and flying are major causes of pollution and climate change. What we do has an impact.
  4. Energy – Go green energy. Surrey has a great organisation set up by local Surrey Councils and Surrey County Council. Action Surrey gives advice on all aspects of home energy use and what can be done to improve.
  5. Food – Production of meat and dairy is thought to be second only to fossil fuel use in contributing to climate change. In short the advice is move to a more vegetable based diet. Ideally food should be sourced locally and seasonal.
  6. Waste – Avoid waste, but if not possible recycle as much as you can. Surrey has the Surrey Environment Partnership for advice and information.
  7. Purchases – Save money and buy better. Buy reusable rather than disposable. Buy products that will reduce waste.
  8. Money – Consider ethical and sustainable providers for your banking and investments. Nationally and internationally it can have a big impact.
  9. Influence – This can be rewarding both in understanding of the issues and making a difference. Join a Surrey organisation, volunteer or be heard by your local and national representatives.

Surrey Environment is a free not for profit site. Any information we give and links to other sites are made in good faith. Please contact us for improvements or revisions. Thank you.

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